MD-SR series of metal detectors are specifically designed for high demand of sensitivity, stability and intelligent detection. On bases of core invention patents and patented self-adaptable algorithm plus the combination of the world’s famous brand component units, integrated circuits and ARM+FPGA structural frame, MD-SR series metal detectors contribute the leading detecting performance in the industry.

Top Quality Components

  • Metal detector head by hard fill tech
  • US ferromagnetic random access memory
  • Japanese Oriental motor
  • Food Grade PU conveyor belt
  • Japanese SMC pneumatic components
  • Danish Danfoss frequency converter
  • Stainless steel 304 Frame

Advanced Technology

  • Detector is made by hard filling technology with better stability.
  • An intelligent learning function, automatically set parameters with simple operation
  • Multiple filtering algorithms, X - R orthogonal decomposition algorithm, stronger anti-interference.
  • Phase intelligent tracking technology, better stability.
  • Anti-interference photoelectric isolation drive, remote installation operation panel.
  • Based on adaptable DDS and DSP technology , our metal detector can improve detection sensitivity and stability.
  • Store 50 kinds of product parameters by ferromagnetic random access memory.
  • Can detect all kinds of metal including Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum.

Size of Detecting Window (WxH)mm 300-750 x 80-350
Effective Detecting Size

Approximately -10% of aperture size

Sensitivity without product
(center or detecting window)
Fe 1.2 mm
NFe 1.8 mm
SUS304 2.5 mm
The metal sensitivity changes with different products being inspected and in different working conditions.
Size of PU Belt (Standard) 370 x 1500 mm
Size of mesh belt (Standard) 400 x 1800 mm
Operating height (Belt from ground) 800 mm ±50
Belt speed (minimum) 28 (variable)
Rejection mode (Standard) Air Pusher
Optional rejection modes Flipper, Flap Reverse, Belt Retraction, Drop Belt
Power AC 220V, I Phase, 200\V, 50/60Hz Adaptive

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