Model: TEG-1200
Speed: 20 cycles/min (mechanical speed)
Film type: PEBD
Film thickness: 0,04 – 0,08 mm
Voltage: 220V / 60 Hz
Consumption: 6,0 kW
Diameter of film roll:
   Max. width: 1200 mm
Bag dimensions:
  Max. width: 380 mm
  Max. height: 550 mm
Air consumption: 0,7 m3/min @ 87 psi

  Machine body: stainless steel
  Product contact parts: stainless steel
Others: Duraluminio

Main components:
PLC: Mitsubishi
IHM: Proface
Servos: Panasonic
Pneumatics: SMC – Japan
Eye sensor: Sick - Germany


Horizontal seal jaws, driven by servomotor
Main drive mechanism by toothed belts made of special rubber material; controlled by servomotor.
Rubber rollers for the initial pull-process of the film from the roll, generating a higher lifetime of the traction toothed belts.
Unwinding: independent from the main frame of the machine; with auto-centering sensors to guarantee a correct vertical seal, less waste and less re-processing.

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