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 Yamato ALPHA ADW-A-0314S DET Weigher Specifications

Model Weighing Range

8-1000 gr. (at single dump)

Maximum Weigher Speed


Weigher Volume

3,000 mlcc Maximum Volume per single discharge

Maximum Product Dimensions

Cannot Exceed  Length

Number of Heads

Weigh Heads 14/  Memory Heads N/A

Chute Angles

65 degree Slope


Feed buckets & weigh buckets are constructed of 1.2mm 304 stainless steel and all other product contact surfaces are fabricated of 1.0mm 304 stainless steel to improve noise suppression and durability.

Product Distribution

Via stainless steel central cone with bi-directional vibratory control to generate a controlled flow of product to each linear feed trough.  Product levels controlled by weight with a strain gauge load cell.  All settings are fully programmable.

Weigh and Feed Buckets

Easily dismountable without tools for cleaning and maintenance. Buckets are designed to be interchangeable and can be replaced in any head position.

Weigh Cells

Fully protected Double Beam Strain gauge load cells, developed specifically for Dataweigh, temperature compensated 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C. Resolution is one part in 7,500

Drive Mechanism

Fully Programmable stepper motor with intelligent head design ensures repeatability of settings under all conditions.  Switchable Auto Shutdown of heads if product is trapped in weigh hopper doors or when hopper is removed for In-operation cleaning.

Automatic Feed Control

Product supply through linear vibrator pans to feed buckets can be adjusted automatically based on programmed bucket weights depending on conditions.  Compensated for varying flow rates, density or build up changes.

Automatic Tare

Zero Tare of each cell at programmable intervals including continuous tare at start up to correct initial build-up and interval tare for running efficiency.

Staggered Dump

Programmable timed period over which multiple dumps of a single weighment are spread individually, minimizing tube “bridging”.

Remote Control Console

(RCU-920 TYPE) Color (640x400 VGA) Dots on a 10.4" LCD display with touch screen, with easy to follow operator prompts, fault diagnostics and statistical data displays.  High speed processor offers the highest possible weighing speeds and accuracy to be maintained. Includes storage for 100 programs / Optional compact flash card will allow storage for 300 programs.


High speed 32 bit processor with unique Adjustable Digital Signal Filtering of weights for improved accuracy and weigher speed.


Steel electronics enclosure with Rust-Proof Coating (common bed) located in the base of the unit suitable for dry environments. Support legs and bottom plate are fabricated of 304 stainless steel.


Price includes standard export packing for sea freight.


AC: 200/220/230/240V (+10%~15%), Single Phase, 50/60Hz, Customer Must Specify Upon Placement of Order; Otherwise 230V, 60HZ Standard.



Environment/Product Condition:




Bulk Density

Avg. Pc. Size / Weight




(Weighments per Minute)

Average Give Away

Granular Sugar



5,000 gr.

** 10 x 1Weighments / Min

0 to +9 gr.

Granular Sugar



2,500 gr.

** 20 x 1Weighments / Min

0 to +6 gr.

Granular Sugar



1,000 gr.

35 x 1Weighments / Min

0 to +3 gr.

Granular Sugar



500 gr.

50 x 1Weighments / Min

0 to +3 gr.

 _ Give Away is determined by taking the average of 100 weighments with no underweights.
_ Please note the above figures are based upon previous experience with similar product(s). A full performance guarantee is subject to receipt of a full range of product samples. 

Important Additional Notes

A.     Samples are required to validate performance guarantee.
B.      Product must be separated, not stuck together and delivered to the scale in a steady, even, and uniform manner.
C.     Yamato assumes product is granular and not powder.
D.     Product is assumed to be dry and free flowing.
E.      Sticky product will decrease speed and accuracy.
F.      Moisture on product will degrade performance.
G.     Yamato assumes scale operation in a climate controlled environment – low humidity and controlled temperature is required to prevent product sticking and maintain proper product flow.
H.     If production line is shut down for more than ten minutes then scale must be completely cleared out of product.
I.       Yamato is not responsible for product leakage.
J.       “Volume at target” must be less than 3L for each dump.
K.     * Yamato assumes bulk density of 821 grams/L based on similar virtual product samples.
L.      ** Multiple dumps are required to achieve quoted target weight and/or volume.
M.    Product transfer from scale discharge to packaging machine is customer's responsibility.
N.     The speeds quoted denote cleanly separated product charges at the scale’s discharge outlet.
O.     The final production speeds are dependent on the bag-maker, tray-line, conveyor, and other packaging device’s forming tube and transition(s) size and design.


Model: ADW-A-0314S DET

Required Accessories

  • Flat Product Contact Surfaces
  • 45° Octopus Style Top Cone with In-feed Funnel
  • 5° U Shaped Linear Feed Pans
  • Double Door Type Feed Buckets with Leak-proof B (Spring Type)
  • Double Door Type Weigh Buckets with Leak-proof B (Spring Type)
  • 65° Collating Chute
  • Chute Fence
  • Dust Collector
  • Dust Cover
  • 65° Sealed Type Collating Funnel
  • 5 Liter Collection Bucket with Leak-proof B
  • Enclosure for Main Body
  • Enclosure for Collection Bucket

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