XtraVac TSI Series VFFS Packaging Machines.

Stainless Steel constructed Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines specifically designed with an inclined forming/feeding tube to protect delicate products as they drop from the portioning/weighing device into the awaiting freshly formed bag. This reduces breakage and delivers the best looking product, into consumer hands.

Optional Devices

  • Air flushing system
  • Nitrogen gas flushing
  • Gusset device
  • Air expeller
  • Hole punch device
  • Tear notch device
  • Material stopper
  • Safety device
  • Bag support
  • PE sealing system
  • Vacuum device
  • Flip device
  • Static eliminator
  • 4 lines folding device
  • Film tracking device
  • Special sealing jaws

Packing material

  • Heat sealable roll film
  • Single-layer PE
  • Laminated film

Bag style

  • Stand pillow bag
  • Bag with hanger hole
  • Gusset bag
  • Square bottom bag
  • Chain bag


XtraVac VFFS Systems: Easily fits most weighers/fillers for dry or liquid applications

  • Auger fillers
  • Cup fillers
  • Linear scales
  • Combination weighers
  • Combination scales

Machine type TSI-6000 TSI-7000
Mode of operation  Intermittent Intermittent
Mechanical speed  up to 80 cycles/min up to 80 cycles/min
Main frame Stainless steel Stainless steel
Product contact surface Stainless steel Stainless steel
Other components  Aluminum / Poly Aluminum / Poly
Bag length 50 - 300 mm 50-380 mm
Bag Length with double vertical sealing and higher machine frame up to 380 mm up to 440 mm
Film Width max 500 mm max. 620 mm
Bag Width 80 - 240 mm  110 - 300 mm
Quick change over no tools required no tools required
End seal jaw system Servomotor Servomotor
Pulling belts system Servomotor Servomotor
Program storage up to 100 up to 100
Cutting knife pneumatic pneumatic
Forming tube 1 set included 1 set included
Vertical Sealbar bronce bronce
Seal system frame anodized Aluminum anodized Aluminum
Film rollers anodized Aluminum anodized Aluminum
Hopper stainless steel stainless steel
Forming tube stainless steel stainless steel
Film unwind system stainless steel stainless steel
Film roll OD max 20" / 500 mm 20" / 500 mm
Film core 3 " / 75 mm 3 " / 75 mm
Diagnostic display low air pressure, doors open, no film, product jam, etc low air pressure, doors open, no film, product jam, etc
3 temperature controls from PLC for laminated film   Vertical / horizontal  front & back seal Vertical / horizontal  front & back seal


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