The XtraVac MDB3113 metal detector is perfect for broad applications across the food, medicine, chemical, or textile industries for detecting and removing metallic objects/impurities. Conveyor type MDB3113 accurately inspects food products, bulk powder or granular materials.Rejecting methods such as pusher, air-blow, flipper can be implemented for automatic in-line detection and removal.

Features & Benefits

  • 3 screen language options, 99 programs for memory.
  • 5.7 inch color touch screen display.
  • Self-learning product system replaces complicated operation.
  • White PU belt, all stainless steel framework
  • Meets or exceeds hygiene requirements.
  • Data statistics, unqualified products could be recorded.
  • Alarm Signals: Sound and light alarms.
  • Output mode: pneumatic rejector or belt-stop.
  • Lockable collecting bin for unqualified product.
  • Accurate product scanning for consumer safety
  • Achieve reliable product quality
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Full enclosure between the search head and the rejection bin
  • IP65 Rating

Tunnel size 350 x 175 mm (WxH)
Passing through area 310 x 135 mm (WxH)
Maximum product length 300 mm
Detecting accuracy NFEΦ 1.5 mm, FEΦ 1.0mm,
SUSΦ 2.2mm
Conveyor belt speed 10-45 m/min
Transmission capacity 5 kg
Power 300 W, 220 single phase (110 optional)

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