The XtraVac CM1700L Large Automatic Single Chamber Vacuum Machine features a long chamber with integrated conveyors and automatic lid movement. The economical XtraVac 1700L offers double-seal with a bi-active sealing system. The unique design of this model allows machines to be loaded and discharged automatically. This model also features, a standard, storable program controls.

Machine Specs

  • Conveyor Belt for product in & out feed
  • Bi-Active Seal (bottom seal bar auto up and down position)
  • Seal wire 5 mm flat ---due to it is bi-active and with bag cutting system
  • Optional Bag Cutting System available
  • Safety included in Lid Frame
  • Sealing Bar Length 580 mm / 22.8”
  • Chamber height 250 mm / 10 “
  • Available bag length 1850 mm / 72.75 “
  • 2 Air type operated vacuum valve
  • Vacuum inlet vacuum valve 3 75 mm / 3 “
  • Touch screen mounted on the FRONT of the machine



  • Deep chamber with solid UHMW height adjustable filler plates
  • Balanced lid movement
  • 3 operation modes possible: Vacuum only / Vacuum and Gas / Seal only
  • Compact Design
  • Automatic lid movement
  • Longest seal bars
  • Hygienic design, easy to clean
  • Complete stainless steel structure for maximum durability
  • Equipped with leveling legs for installations with uneven floors and casters with brake for easy moving
  • Two vacuum chambers configuration permits alternative operations for one operator
  • Flat deck construction ensures easy cleaning and product handling - without space restriction
  • 10 programmable memory system settings, individual display provides easy reading and operating and wind up of the tray by a cutting unit.
  • Simple to operate microcomputer control system with multiple program setting options
  • Equipped with a solid Busch rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Excellent double-seam sealing system



  • Extended product shelf life
  • Better presentation
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased productivity
  • Maintain food's freshness and original flavor
  • Prevent electronic and hardware parts from oxidization
  • Available for special applications



Cheese blocks, fresh red meat, poultry, smoked & processed meat, seafood, vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, powder, spices, prepared food Electronic parts, hardware products, medical instruments

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