The ideal Multihead solution for beans, peanuts, sweets & candies, cookies, jerky, dried fruits, cereals, short pasta, snack foods, meat & seafood products, and dried pet foods.

High stability and accurate system

  • Latest generation software
  • Heavy duty load cell
  • Step motor buckets opening system, ensure reliable operation and long service life
  • Single or double opening chutes
  • Welded parts, rounded corners and edges.
  • Parts in contact to the product executed in 304 stainless steel
  • Sequential discharge of the buckets
  • Multi-language display touch screen controller, 10.4" allows to visualize all the main information like: operation parameters, individual bucket weight, auto-zero function on execution, over-loaded buckets, empty buckets, blocked buckets, inhibited buckets, combined buckets, calibration parameters.
  • AFC (Automatic Feeding Control) with several options to be able to manage each product according to its characteristics.
  • Frequency and time of top cone and linear feeders can be controlled individually
  • Vibratory or rotary type top cone can be chosen to optimize the product flow
  • Easy program set-up: product information, target weight and tolerances (upper/lower weight, automatic tara function, as well as all parameters to control the product feeding.
  • Password control for different access and operation levels
  • Easy to clean
  • Memory for 100 recipes

* Weighing range depends on individual product weight and target weight.
** Accuracy depends on the product's size, product density, stability of the density and product feeding control

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