The RCF-100 is a heavy-duty volumetric cups filling machine capable of dispensing many different products that are not easy-flow. Its double servo driven system offers the best performance for difficult products dosing. The mixing hopper receives the product which goes into a motorized rotary plate with built-in cups. The cups are telescopic and allow a certain range of volume. Preferable from 50 to 100%. i.e. 5ml to 10ml, 40ml to 80ml. The cups volume can be adjusted with no tools, from the touch panel. A servo driven pusher ensure the product to falls into the package. Different interchangeable cups are available to run the machine without extensive changeover. Machine is equipped with PLC control and touch screen panel. Quick and easy to clean system allows highly hygienic process. It can be a stand alone unit or can be integrated to an automatic packaging machine.

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